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Now what?

Sebastian Witowski


There are many great tools at CERN (OpenShift).

This presentation is not about those tools.

This presentation is about external tools

  • Free to use
  • Open source
  • Good value/money
  • Good service
  • Supports FOSS/education
Hosting icon


Hosting icon Cloud hosting

Physical server vs VPS:

  • Billed for real usage (per second on AWS)
  • Easy to scale

Hosting icon Hosting providers

  • AWS (EC2 and Amazon Lightsail)
  • DigitalOcean
    • From $5/month (512MB RAM, 20GB storage, 1TB transfer)
    • Additional storage from $0.10/GB/month
  • Linode
    • From $5/month (1GB RAM, 20GB storage, 1TB transfer)
    • Additional storage from $0.10/GB/month
  • Heroku
    • PaaS: more expensive, but easier to use (less configurable)
    • 1 dyno free forever (512 MB RAM, 10k PostgreSQL rows)

Hosting icon Server parameters

  • Storage - 20GB is plenty (use AWS S3 for more)
  • Transfer - 1TB is usually more than enough
  • CPU - 1 CPU is fine for simple website
  • RAM - the more the better (caching, DB, etc.)
Cloud computing icon

Cloud computing

Cloud computing icon When a VPS is not enough

  • AWS
    • Free tier for 1 year (VPS, DB, S3, Lambda and more)
    • More features than competition
    • Longest time on market == more 3rd party libraries
  • Google Cloud
    • $300 free credits to spend during first 12 months
    • "Always free" tier with VPS (1 f1-micro, 30GB storage), DB (1GB NoSQL), storage (5 GB), messaging, logging, serverless functions, but also NLP, speech and vision API
  • Azure
    • 30 days free trial with $200 free credits, some services free for 12 months and some free forever
    • Good support for Windows applications
Static websites icon

Static websites

Static websites icon When a VPS is too much

  • GitLab pages
    • Supports any static site generator
    • Free Continuous Integration
    • Slightly more complicated setup
  • GitHub pages
    • Supports only Jekyll (to use other static site generators, you need to precompile files locally)
    • Easy, out-of-the-box setup

  • Both are free and offer separate websites for projects and organizations.

Static websites icon With no back-end

  • Surge.sh
    • Unlimited websites, custom domains and SSL for free
    • CLI and dashboard interface
    • Global CDN, clean URLs for SEO
    • Paid plan ($13/month/project) - password protection, custom redirects, CORS
  • Netlify - same features as Surge, plus:
    • Compatible with all main static site generators
    • Form handling
    • 1-click rollbacks
    • Assets optimization
    • Split testing

Static websites icon With a simple back-end

  • Firebase (free plan)
    • Hosting (1 GB stored, 10 GB/month transferred)
    • Database (1 GB and 100 connections)
    • Cloud storage (5 GB of storage, 1 GB/day bandwidth)
    • Sync data between devices (1 GB of storage, 10 GB of bandwidth)
    • Cloud functions (125K invocations per month, 40K CPU-seconds and GB-seconds)
    • Authentication
    • Analytics, performance monitoring
    • Test lab (10 test/day on a virtual device and 5 test/day on a physical device)
Domain icon


Domain icon Domain providers

  • Namecheap
    • $10.69 for .com, $12.48 for .org, $32.88 for .io
  • Namesilo
    • $8.99 for .com, $10.79 for .org, $42.99 for .io
  • 1&1
    • $14.99 for .com, $19.99 for .org, $49.99 for .io
    • 1st year: $0.99 for .com, $0.99 for .org, $34.99 for .io
SSL icon

SSL certificate

SSL icon Let's Encrypt

Let's encrypt website

Over 1 000 000 free certificates issued.

Very easy to follow installation instruction.

Monitoring icon


Monitoring icon Is your website up?

Uptime Robot logo and StatusCake logo

  • Free
  • 5 minutes check rate
  • 50 monitors (Uptime Robot logo) vs unlimited (StatusCake logo)
  • 1 location (Uptime Robot logo) vs 1 random location (StatusCake logo)
  • Integration with email, webhooks, Twitter, Hipchat, Pushbullet, Slack and many more
  • Content matching (Uptime Robot logo)
  • Free email-to-SMS (Uptime Robot logo)
  • Paid SMS packages
Analytics icon

Web analytics

Analytics icon What your users do?

  • Google Analytics - free and packed with features, but not much privacy.
  • Piwik - free and open source that you can install yourself.
  • Heap - when you don't know what events you are interested in yet.
Files storage icon

Files storage

Files storage icon Amazon S3

  • Prices from $0.023 - $0.025 per GB (USA or Europe)
  • Prices go down to $0.004 per GB (Glacier Storage)
  • Transferring data out costs $0.05 - $0.25 per GB
  • Free transfer of data into S3
  • Free transfer of data between services (the same region)
  • Plenty of plugins and libraries
CDN icon


CDN icon Pay as you go

  • Amazon CloudFront
    • Transfer price: 0.085 - 0.25 $/GB
    • Free storage
    • Paid transfer between data centers and HTTP(S) requests
  • CDN77
    • Transfer price: 0.049 - 0.185 $/GB
    • Free storage (up to 50GB)
    • Free HTTP(S) requests
    • Minimum recharge: $149 (valid for 1 year)

CDN icon Monthly plans

  • CloudFlare
    • Free package: 3 page rules
    • $20/month: 20 page rules
    • $200/month: 50 page rules
  • MaxCDN
    • 100GB/month (2 PoP): $9
    • 500GB/month (3 PoP): $39
    • 1TB/month (5 PoP): $79
    • $15 per month to use PoP outside of US and Europe
Error tracking icon

Error tracking

Error tracking icon Finding bugs in production

  • Sentry
    • Free: 10k events per month, 7 days history, 1 user
    • Paid plans starting from $26/month (100k events, 90 days history, unlimited users)
    • Open source version that you can host yourself
  • Rollbar
    • Free: 5k events per month and 30 days history
    • Paid plans starting from $49/month (100k events, 180 days history)
    • Unlimited users, unlimited projects
  • Airbrake - free plan for 1 user, 25 errors/min, 30 days history
Sending emails icon

Sending emails

Sending emails icon Email campaigns

  • MailChimp
    • 12,000 emails per month for free
    • 2,000 subscribers for free
    • Transactional emails with mandrill (in paid plans)
  • SendinBlue
    • 9,000 emails per month (max 300 per day)
    • Unlimited subscribers
    • Also transactional emails (free)
    • Transactional SMS (paid)

Sending emails icon Transactional emails

  • Amazon SES
    • 62,000 free emails per month
    • Attachments: $0.12/GB
    • Fees for receiving emails
  • Mailgun
    • 10,000 free emails per month
    • Free incoming emails
    • Attachments up to 25MB (free)
  • SendinBlue
Continuous Integration icon

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration icon Hosted services

  • Travis CI (for GitHub)
    • Free for open source (public) and students
    • Paid plans starting from $69/month
    • First 100 builds are free (total, not per month!)
  • Circle CI (for GitHub and Bitbucket)
    • 1500 build minutes for free
    • Additional containers cost $50/month
    • FOSS gets 4 Linux containers and OS X plan for free
  • Codeship (for GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket)
    • 100 builds/month free
    • Paid plans starting from $49/month

Continuous Integration icon Self-hosted software

  • Jenkins
    • Free and open source
    • Self-contained, easy to install Java program
    • 1000+ plugins
    • Cross-platform
  • GoCD
    • Free and open source
    • Paid support provided by ThoughtWorks
    • Multiple plugins
    • Cross-platform

That's (almost) all!

Stack on a budget

Stack on budget



Student Developer Pack

DigitalOcean (50$ credits), GitHub (unlimited private repos), Namecheap (free .me domain), SendGrid (15k emails per month), Sentry (500k events per month, unlimited projects), Stripe (waived transaction fees on first $1000), Transifex ($99 plan for free)

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